2016 Columbus Day Parade
“Passing of the Flag”


Hamden Mayor Curt Balzano Leng recently met with Mayor Joseph A. Maturo, Jr., of East Haven, to receive the Italian Flag, an annual tradition, which signifies the passing of the Columbus Day Parade festivities from the previous host, Town of East Haven, to the present host, Town of Hamden.  The Columbus Day Parade is scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 9, 2016 at 1 PM in the Town of Hamden.

 Columbus Committee Bench at Wooster Park
Mr. Richard Ramadei, Treasurer of the Columbus Day Committee of Greater New Haven, Ms. Laura Luzzi, Chairperson of the Board of Directors and Mr. Paul Criscuolo, President.
Columbus #3 bench061916

The Columbus Day Committee of Greater New Haven in cooperation with the  Wooster Park Project Committee refurbished a Bench in Wooster Park. The bench is in commemoration of the Columbus Day Committee of Greater New Haven as part of the refurbishing project of the Wooster Park Project Committee.

Grand Marshals – Parade 2016 – Town of Hamden
 UntitledMr.  Lewis Panzo, Ms. Rose Velardi Mentone, Ms. Laura Florio Luzzi and Mayor Curt Balzano Leng.  Missing from the picture is Former Mayor John Carasone and Mr. Michael Iezzi.


HAMDEN Mayor Curt Balzano Leng, Chairman of the 2016 Greater New Haven Columbus Day Parade, is very pleased to announce this year’s Parade Marshals. This year, Hamden has the distinct honor of hosting the annual Columbus Day Parade and Mr. Lew Panzo, Mrs. Rose Mentone, Mr. Mike Iezzi, Mrs. Laura Luzzi, and former Mayor John Carusone have been chosen to represent Hamden and the Greater New Haven communities as Parade Marshals.

Mr. Panzo has served as Hamden’s Democratic Town Committee Chairman for many years, Mrs. Mentone currently serves as the Democratic Registrar in the Hamden Registrar’s Office, Mr. Iezzi currently serves as Chair of Hamden’s Police Commission and Traffic Authority, Mrs. Laura Luzzi currently serves in Hamden’s Recreation Department and is the current Chairwoman of the Columbus Day Committee of Greater New Haven, and former Mayor John Carusone served as the Mayor of Hamden from 1987 to 1991 and has continued to be active in Hamden civic life ever since.

Commenting on his selections for the 2016 Greater New Haven Columbus Day Parade Marshals, Mayor Leng said, “I am incredibly pleased to announce my selections for the 2016 Columbus Day Parade marshals. After much consideration, I could think of few folks who embody the values of public service and community activism more profoundly than these individuals. Each one of the five marshals I have selected has served the Greater New Haven community for many years, and each is deserving of this unique honor.”


Columbus Day Committee Officers 2016

Columbus Committee 2016 Officers IMG_0943

Front row:  Joann Mallinson, Assistant Treasurer, Laura Luzzi, Chairman, Board of Directors, Magdalen Sparaco, Secretary.  Rear row: Richard Ramadei, Treasurer, Paul Criscuolo, President of the Columbus Day Committee of Greater New Haven, Peter Desio, First Vice President and William Zampa, Second Vice President.  Missing from the photo is Emilio Triano, Assistant Secretary.


Columbus Committee 2016 Gen. co-chairs IMG_0729
Newly elected General Co-Chairman 2016.
Lewis Panzo, Richard Ramadei, Laura Luzzi and Arthur Giulietti.  Missing from the photo is Charlotte Gambardella and Peter Gambardella.